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Thee Bad Janets spent last night recording tracks for our upcoming album. The recording process had been put on hold over the last year due to the shut down. It was very frustrating for us, as artists, to have to put our creativity on hold. However, we believe it is[…]

It has been said that the only constant in life is change. Like with all cohesive units, there’s an ebb and flow of likes and dislikes; moments of excitement to trials & tribulations. Thee Bad Janets have weathered a few storms in our first year together as a band. When[…]

Thee Bad Janets are honored to be included in YabYums 20 Rising Artists to Watch in 2020. Thee Bad Janets “The first spark of life that was to become Thee Bad Janets happened at a charity event for Girls Rock! Phoenix on International Women’s Day. Now, if that doesn’t sound[…]

Thee Band Janets may have thee answer … Most of us are familiar with the Old English usage of the word “Thee”. I have been asked if our band name is “Three Bad Janets” and why are there 5 of us as opposed to having only 3 members. Our band[…]

Girls Rock! Phoenix is a non-profit organization made up of local musicians, community organizers, and music enthusiasts. As stated on their website, their mission is to empower girls through music education, creation, and performance. It offers girls the ability to foster lifelong relationships and connections with peers and mentors in the[…]