Thee Bad Janets


Dee Janet – Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist

Dee Janet’s early life began manifesting in multiple creative areas including singing, composing, piano, play-writing, acting, children’s theater, design, art and promotion. Dee spent 8 years singing in church, singing for congregations of 300 or more. This eventually lead to learning guitar in her adult life.
Previous projects/bands:
Double D (bass – 2004)
Lori Bravo Band (bass – 2006-2007)
The Cosmeticators (guitar, vocals – 2008-2012)
Wild Gift X Tribute (vocals – 2016-)
While in The Cosmeticators, Western US touring included Las Vegas, Downtown LA, Pasadena, Long Beach, Tucson, Flagstaff, Portland & Seattle; opening for such acts as The Dollyrots, Love, White Flag & The Love Me Nots. Band performances have included fund-raising events and and volunteering for the Girls Rock! Phoenix Organization to encourage kiddos to embrace creative ways of self-expression in music.