Thee Bad Janets



Nebula: noun, plural neb·u·lae  [neb-yuh-lee, -lahy] , neb·u·las.

 A cloud of interstellar gas and dust thrown out by the explosion of a dying star, where as a new star may be born.

The formation of Thee Bad Janets was a cosmic occurrence. There were no auditions; there was just five gals from different bands and backgrounds who were brought together at the right place and time, each contributing our own diverse and creative energy to the table…and boy! Did that energy abound!

Within the first few weeks of gathering together, the songs were flowing out at an alarming rate, almost too fast for the whole of the band to learn them. Together, we had awakened our muses and a new band was forged.

We are all part of the writing process. The riffs, chord progressions, melodies, harmonies, beats, compositions, lyrics, and vocals; no one is the lead. We are a collective. We are Janet. Being a “Janet” takes away the ego and puts the focus on the music and the fun, which is exactly where we want it to be; especially when we transform that creative energy to perform in front of an audience.

Being in a working band requires a lot of time, dedication, and involvement behind the scenes.  It is easy for ideas and temperaments to clash when you have multiple strong minded and creative people engaged so closely together.  Thankfully, we are very complimentary to one another and have a great dynamic of personalities between us. We know how rare that is and we are extremely grateful to the Universe for bringing us together.

Speaking of the Universe, there have been numerous synchronicities that we have encountered during the process of our formation that have guided us on this path. We are looking forward to seeing where it all takes us.

Most of all, we are excited to be able to take others on this journey with us through our music.