Thee Bad Janets


It’s All in the Cards

Recently, we decided to do a band tarot reading after practice. This was for fun and also to see what the future has in store for Thee Bad Janets. 
It was a private reading, so we don’t want to reveal all the personal details. However, a few cards popped up that were really interesting because they represented songs we had written. We felt it was fascinating enough to share with all of you. 

As we have previously stated in other blog writings; when we initially got together, the music started flowing out of us at an alarming rate and we were writing songs faster than we could all learn them. To start out, we picked a handful of the songs that would be easy to learn and put the rest of the songs in files under a shared folder. This folder was named our “Pinned” folder because we were putting a pin (hold) on these songs until after we mastered a full set for our first show.
Now that our debut show is TOMORROW (8/30/2019 !!), we started talking about pulling some of those songs out to start learning for our September show. That is no problem, right? Well, when you have a plethora of songs to chose from, which ones do you pick?? Especially when everyone has their own favorites. That is where it gets interesting …

I use a particular deck of cards that is not visually intimidating when doing readings. It is fun, yet accurate. One of the first cards was the Ten of Swords. It may have different meanings under different circumstances and with different decks, but to us, it represents the songs that are currently pinned and the hand is picking songs from the pinned cushion.

The Wheel of Fortune: One of the newest songs we added was a song titled Alright Now. It talks about life giving you heartache and lessons to learn, but it’s “how you grab the wheel when the fortunes have turned.”  How you deal with life and take control of your situations will determine how you come out in the end. 

Then were these two cards that popped up. Judgement/The Star.  It is always great when you are a performer and get The Star card in your reading. However, it takes on a double entendre when these two cards are together in the imagery of this particular deck. Especially when there is a song in the pinned folder called The Weight of Stars

Then there was The Two of Swords. When  you have a newer song that is written, should it take precedence over all the other songs that have been patiently waiting in limbo for months to be learned? Well, it does when the song is titled Dueling Hearts and you have a tarot deck that is seemingly telling you what songs to pick out of the pinned folder. LOL 

If you wonder why we are always talking about the Universe putting us together and guiding us during this process, this is just one of the reasons why. It is just another validation that we are on the right path. If the Universe is talking to us…we are listening.