Thee Bad Janets


Cam Janet – Lead Guitarist

Born in Abilene, TX, Cam has lived in New York, Boston, Dallas, and Anchorage, Alaska.  He brings years of diverse live performance and writing experience to Thee Bad Janets.  Cam’s musical experience includes the NYC punk group UFOmer (mid-80s) and the Dallas, TX  pop band, Bat Mastersons (early 90s).  In 2009, Cam and his wife, guitarist and vocalist Katherine Nance, formed the power duo UltraLuscious and immersed into Anchorage, Alaska’s club and festival scene.  Since 2018, the duo has continued to perform as “Katie & Cam” in Arizona.
Cam’s guitar playing is composed of clean and simple melodies mixed with generous portions of ferocious (yet yummy) pink buzz-saw. 
“I am honored and thrilled to be a Janet — truly excited at what lies ahead.  The journey AND the destination are going to be amazing!  Inviting all to join us!”
“Sonic buttercream frosting is always the goal…”